Fodder. 2016-04-13

Killer Mike’s Supreme Court Brief – Gilad Edelman, New Yorker

“Killer Mike, whose father was a police officer, said he finds it incredible that educated people would take rap lyrics at face value, when other art forms—he also mentioned outlaw country music and Shakespeare—are rife with depictions of violence.”

How federal law draws a line between free speech and hate crimes – Eric Tucker, PBS News Hour

“Establishing the line between protected speech and a federal hate crime can be challenging for prosecutors and courts and depends on the facts of each particular case. Here’s a look at how federal law treats hate speech.”

The Reductive Seduction of Other People’s Problems – Courtney Martin, The Development Set

“There is a whole ‘industry’ set up to nurture these desires and delusions — most notably, the 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered in the U.S., many of them focused on helping people abroad. In other words, the young American ego doesn’t appear in a vacuum. Its hubris is encouraged through job and internship opportunities, conferences galore, and cultural propaganda — encompassed so fully in the patronizing, dangerously simple phrase ‘save the world.'”

How the Arab Spring Became the Arab Cataclysm – Robin Wright, New Yorker

“What seems to have been lost in the past five years is American strategic support for the Arab Spring’s aspirations—and for the innumerable other Bouazizis still struggling for rights and justice and jobs. One of Obama’s boldest decisions, in 2011, was to abandon longstanding U.S. support for Arab despots, personified in President Hosni Mubarak, who ruled Egypt ruthlessly for thirty years. For the first time, Washington opted for the unknowns of potential democracy over the guarantees of autocratic stability in the Arab world.”


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